Four years of abuse in the bathroom.

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Posted on: 2019-01-04 04:42:22
The parents of a four-year-old girl who was found to have been punished for child abuse in the past because she had urinated in her pants.

According to the Uijeongbu 사설토토

Police Station in Gyeonggi Province, the woman who died at her home in Shingok-dong, Uijeongbu City, Gyeonggi Province, was abused by her mother B (34) and father C in 2017 and 2018 respectively.

B is said to have three children, including a kindergarten and elementary school student, among her different husbands, including A, and divorced her youngest father, C last month.

Last June, he was banned for hitting Miss A on the head, but the man reported the case to the police for child abuse. It has been confirmed that there has been no traffic since his divorce last month.

B was indicted without detention in May 2017 on charges of neglect by the police who had moved out of the house after being reported by a neighbor.

At that time, a child protection agency, which recognized the seriousness of the family, received orders from the court to protect children and asked the Uijeongbu government to take custody of the children.

Afterwards, three siblings, including Miss A, lived in a children's shelter and nursery for one year, and were sent to their homes the following year when a woman asked to live with her children. It was not confirmed whether the child protection agency had decided to return to the home or whether it would take follow-up measures.

Meanwhile, B was arrested on charges of child abuse and homicide on Sunday. Judge Jung Woo-jeong of the Uijeongbu District Court issued a warrant saying that he was afraid to escape.

B is suspected of holding his daughter B (4) in the bathroom at a multi-generation home in Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi Province on Thursday morning.

According to the investigation, when Miss B woke herself up at around 3 a.m. on the same day, she was angry and kept Miss B in the cold bathroom all night.

Around 7 a.m., Miss B was used with a thud, and after she was laid down, she called 119 after hours of unconsciousness. Miss B had already died when the firemen came to the scene.

Police found other trauma in the face and body of Miss B, and asked the National Institute of Scientific Investigation for an autopsy and asked if there was any other abuse. She is also investigating whether she is malnourished due to her small physique.

According to the National Forensic Service, a serious bruise found in the head of Miss B could be the direct cause of death, and a severe bruise found on her face is likely to be related to the cause of death.
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