Chung Cheong-rae, a famous news conference with different classes.

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Posted on: 2019-01-11 00:28:59
Jung Chung-rae, the former deobul fishermen a week, Rep. Moon Jae-in president during his토토사이트

New Year news conference that took place Kim Ye Ryung, broadcast reporter questions about the controversy " a specific answer.If you want, make a specific question, pointed out. On the other hand, he praised President Moon's response by saying, "I can ask any questions and I answered any questions without being blocked."

Chung criticized Kim's question on Twitter on Thursday, while positively evaluating Mr. Moon's answer.

"To ask more concrete questions, prepare and study specific data," he said. "Don't ask questions based on easy-to-cloud images."

On the other hand, regarding President Moon's answer, he answered questions freely and freely without a script that is so designed. It is confidence that questions and answers are not prepared separately. a genuine, unwritten interview We wanted this kind of president. "I wrote a new history of the president's press conference. "The class is definitely different from the previous president who said the president should be this big," he said.

At a New Year`s press conference held at Cheong Wa Dae on the day, Kim said, "I want to know why you are not willing to change your economic stance and not make any changes. I will ask you where that confidence comes from and why.

"I don't think we need a new answer because I've told them all 30 minutes during the press conference that we can't achieve sustainable growth without changing the government's economic policy stance, and without changing the structure of polarization and inequality," President Moon said.

At that time, the situation was broadcast live and some pointed out that there was a problem with his question. "I don't know what the policy is or how the economy is wrong," said Choi, a KBS reporter on his Facebook page. "There is no causality, but it is a way to ask questions only through images." "That's right," Chung said, sharing Choi's Facebook post.

Some netizens also commented on the article and pointed out that Kim was rude. In particular, he pointed out that the question "where does that confidence come from" was inappropriate. Kim's failure to reveal his name and membership before the question was also a problem. Kim's membership and name were introduced by Cheong Wa Dae deputy spokesperson Ko Kyung-jung after the question.
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